Notification: The deadline of repurchasing of BTCC Token at 18:00(UTC +8) on15th of May 2019

发表于:2019年04月23日 17:04:47

Dear Customers,

BTCC Token had completed the first repurchasing action on 27th of December 2018. However, we have extended the repurchasing of  BTCC Token period from now on till 18:00(UTC +8) on15th of May 2019 for customers who didn't sell BTCC Token back to us. This is the final date for the repurchasing of BTCC Token.

There are ways to do so:

1. BTCC Token within your account:

Please sell BTCC Token(BTCC/ETH) with the market order in the BTCC exchanges so that you can get ETH then you would be able to withdraw it. (Approximate repurchasing rate of 1:3900)

2. BTCC Token within your wallet:

Please contact the online customer service agent via the BTCC exchanges website or issue us a ticket here:

(Approximate repurchasing rate of 1:3900)

After the deadline, if the number of BTCCs is less than 5000, the repurchase process will not be processed; if it is to be processed, each will charge a processing fee of 1.3 ETH.

BTCC would like to express our sincere apologies for your inconvenience and thank you for your support and understanding.

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23rd April 2019